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You can´t join them all, and you can´t be an upgrade member on all Traffic Exchange sites.

Here are some ‘TE’ sites I recommend and I am also an upgrade member on this site. If you don´t have so much time surfing TE sites, stay with a few, because you need to show you site a lot for best results, and it is good to always have credits assigned. Just assign a few credit here and there don´t brings so much. To know if the TE gives the result you want to have, I recommend that you use some kind of tracker. I recommend .


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Social Surf 4 U is my favorite, developed to provide you with qualite, targeted website traffic. SocialSurf4U is a TE with a very active chat there you can chat with other members surfing as the same time as you and the owner, Barry Langdon, like to come by and say hello. Be part in a team and you can win prizes. Earn up to 30% commissions from every new member you refer to SocialSurf4U. Join SocialSurf4U here!



I Love Hits is one of the TimTech/ClickTrackProfit sites and one of internets oldest and most trusted Traffic Exchange generating system. I Love Hits has been online since 2009 and has delivered millions upon millions of quality page views to it´s members! I Love Hits is a very social site with a active chat, together with the other TimTech sites. Join I Love Hits for free and remember, it´s not how much you advertise, but where you advertise! Join I Love Hits here!



Start Xchange is another TimTech/ClickTrackProfit site and like all TimTech sites StartXchange is a social site with a very active chat. The TimTech sites have the samt chat so you chat with all who surf on the TimTech sites and this is really good for building your brand! StartXchange helps you expand your reach in this social atmosphere by bringing new people into your corner oth the web! Join StartXchange here!



ThumbVuThe Best Way to Build Your Brand – ThumbVu is a brand new concept in web site promotion and social marketing. ThumbVu have flipped the concept of promotion an dfocused on YOU, the marketer. Programs and services come an dgo, but a personal brand lasts a lifetime! So, why not focus on YOU first an dnetwork with like minded entrepreneurs, build your social awareness an dgrow your brand with ThumbVu! ThumbVu is also a TimTech/ClickTrackProfit site. Join ThumbVu here!



Sweeva is a TimTech/ClickTrackProfit site that really stands out from all TE site. Sweeva is not like other Traffic Exchange site, here you choose when you want to show your site and people rate and can make a comment about your site. This let you really know how good are your site, do they like your site and so on. Why promote a site no one likes? Join Sweeva here and take a look!



Shockwave TrafficShockwave Traffic is NOT a free Traffic Exchange, it is a manual Traffic Exchange. The good thing with not a free TE is that all members are active members and serious about what they are doing. You can try Shockwave Traffic for free. Here you earn 75% commissions for all paying members you are sending to sign up and then stay as paying members. Shockwave Traffic members get Startpage Exposure at up to four web sites, Shockwave Traffic,Traffic-Fusion, Top Hits 4U and JV Partners. Join Shockwave Traffic here!



Social Ad Surf  is a powerful responsive Traffic Geberation and a completely viral social Traffic Exhange. Tens of thousands of members already successfuly advertise their businesses here. SocialAdSurf is owned by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage.  Join SocialAdSurf here!




Ninja Surf – Assassinate the Competition with Your Secret Traffic Weapon! – Ninja Surf i another site owned by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage and it is a social traffic exchagange. Everyday Promo Codes, surf 175 sites and instantly get a minimum of 26 extra credits! Join Ninja Surf here!




Legacy HitsLegacy Hits is a ‘Social Cash Loaded FUN Traffic Exchange’. It´s a manual and free to join. Legacy Hits is owed by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage. ‘Your Legacy Begins Here. A Fun Environment Built For Results’. Join Legacy Hits here!




Surf SkeletonSurf Skeleton is a free to join manual Traffic Exchange with a 10 second timer for free members and 2 second timer for upgraded members and 500 to 1500 free credits per month and random refferals for uppgraded members. Surf Skeleton is owned by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage, they guys behind the Legacy Team. Join Surf Skeleton here!




Traffic PharaohTraffic Pharaoh is a free to join manual Traffic Exchange and has the same owner, Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage, they guys behind the Legacy Team, as Surf Skeleton, Legacy Hits, Ninja Surf and Social Ad Surf. ‘Use The Power Of The Kings To Drive Traffic To Your Site’. 2 second timer for upgraded members and 500 to 1500 free credits per month. Join Traffic Pharaoh here!




Top Hits 4UTop Hits 4U is a free manual Traffic Exchange and one of the biggest and most successful manual Traffic Exchanges online. ‘Bring Your Ads To *The Top’. Here you can earn surf bonuses such as GPowerSurf and NerdSurf. 5 Second Surf Timer for free members and a surf ratio at 3:1. Upgraded members have a 3 second surf timer and a 1:1 surf ratio an 1,000 monthly credits. Join Top Hits 4U here!



Site XplosionSite Xplosion is a free Traffic Exchange. Site Xplosion is on the cutting edge of traffic exchange technology, specialize in bringing new members from outside sources to view your affiliate and splash pages. Join Site Xplosion here!



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