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How to Profit from your Email Marketing Campaigns and get Better Open Rates

emailmarketing4We all know you need to build a list. ‘The Money is in the List’, you have probably heard that before. To build it, however, what you need is more than a great squeeze page, you also need some free offers that converts like crazy – something which turns your visitors into subscribers and captures their attention to the point where it is something they simply can’t refuse. Sounds easy? But, the thing is that it is not always that easy and I think you probably know that. That’s why I have set up this site so you can find and learn more about List Building.

lbs-3dboxsetList Building Secrets – by Ian del Carmen

Is a 95 sites eBook where you will learn everything there is to know about building an email list. The first thing you will learn is what List Building really is about and why you need to build your list. You will also learn about Email Marketing  and how to set up your autoresponder and make a Squeeze Page that converts visitors into subscribers, and how you can profit from your email list and so much more. List Building Secrets  comes with the 95 sites eBook, and as a BONUS a checklist and a Cheat Sheet. Price is only $17,00!




Email How to Videos

Low openrates is something we all have to struggle whit sometimes and it can be really frustating when nobody open and reads your emails. Email How to Videos is a 15 part Video and Mp3 course on how to solve the problems with losing subscribers and have low open rates. You will learn how to write welcome emails, promo emails, reminder emails, last call emails and how to write a subject line that will make people open and read your emails. You will also learn how you can set up ‘Automation rules’. You get all this for Only $17,00!


ebook-stacked-mediumLead Generation Authority

Lead Generation Authority is a Step-By-Step plan on how you can attract more leads, cloase more sales and increase your ROI in your email makreting campaigns. In this 59 sites eBook you will learn the different between a ‘cold lead’, ‘warm lead’ and a ‘qualified lead’. You will also learn how to build trust and what content marketing is and how to build your list through a Squeeze Page. This is really a complete book about email marketing and list building. Building a list can be very easy but how to get your subscribers to open and read your emails can be very hard, and turning them into high paying customers is not an easy game at all. Lead Generation Authority comes with  59 sites eBook and a  Checklist, a Cheat Sheet and a Mindmap as a BONUS! Price for all this is Only $7,00!



stand-dvd-and-case-250Email Profits Formula

Understanding how to build your email list the right way with tons of hungry buyers and how to craft email with offers so impossible to refuse that customers pull out their wallets even before they finish reading is not easy but something we all want! Building a targeted mailing list and then broadcasting promotional based messages to a confirmed audience of subscribers, sounds great? If you build a targeted mailing list for your online business it will help you dig deep into the most profitable markets without spending a lot fo time on market research and it will give you an instant way to make money even without a product of your own. Email Profits Formula will learn you how you can do this and how you can maximize your income instantly, while eliminating all advertising costs! You will have an active, ever-growing customer base right at your fingertips! Price: $17,00!



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