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How to choose in the big jungle? EmailMarket22 They have so many name and they are so many. You’ve probably heard it before, List Builders, Download Builders, Viral Listbuilder, Safelists, Mailers. They are basically the same and works by members sending emails to other members. You want more refferals in a program, such another List Builder, or want to build your own email list and offer something free through a so-called squeeze page for exampele. How often you can send a mail and to how many members depends on you membership, if you are a free member or an upgraded member. In order to send emails you need point. To get point you need to read other members emails, or you can also buy points. Not all mailers are good, and the variation of open rate and click rate can be big between the different List Builders. It is no sense to be a member on a Listbuilder that not are paying back, and you can’t join them all. Here are some List Builders I recommend to join!


List Avail is a ‘Barry Langdon’ site, the man behind Social Surf 4U. ListAvail is one of the best sites and has been proven time and time again to produce results. ListAvail consistently ranks high and is used by some of the time names and gurus in the industry and with a good reason, it produces. ListAvail has a high CTR avarange, up to 10%, offers random cash prizes from emails and free downloads for upgraded members. Join Here!



Booming Website Traffic & Mailer is a Marty Petrizza site. And it is like it sounds, both a Mailer and a Traffic Exchange. Therefor it is a good reason to join and to upgrade! But, it is also a good site with a high CTR. If you join today, you get $2 in sign up bonus, 500 surf credits, 1000 mailing credits and 500 banners and text credits! Join Here!


List Nerds is a Tim Tech/Click Track Profit Site and it is a site you MUST join, because it is here that all are both ‘gurus’ and ‘newbies’. If you want to been seen, you should join ListNerds but you should also join because it is a really good site with both high Open Rate and Click Rate! ListNerds is a viral mailer with up to 10 levels of potential downlines. Your message could be read by thousands a day and with the social integration and personal branding tools, you message will be heard loud and clear. Join Here!


List Builder Mayhem is a part of Land Marketing Group. You can send out Solo Ads to four LFMVM sites, LandMarketingMailer, YourHugeList, ListBuilderMayhem and ConversionMail! Thats means your email will go to over 13,000 members, yes that’s true! Join now and get 2,000 mailing credits, you also get 50% on every sales! Join Here!


Red Stag Mailer is owned by Debbie Nicholson, and has over 4,800 members! RedStagMailer also offers except  Email Advertising Pay to ClickEmail Click Rewards, Click 4 Cash, Weekly Jackpots and much more. RedStagMailer has a very high CTR, up to 25%. New members get $2, 3,200 credits, 1,000 banners and 1,000 text links as a bonus when joining! Join Here!


My Profit Links is a site part of the Trax Web. Besides Email Advertising My Profit Links also offer you to post HTML Ads, Text Ads and Login Ads. You can also send out Jumbo Solo Ads to 42 sites and +42,800 members, Super Solos to 19 sites and +38,600 members. Mega Solo Ads to 5 sites and over 26,700 members! My Profit Links also offer thier members to cloak links through the Viral Link Cloaker. Join Here!


Traffic Quest is a nother site part of the Trax Web. Besides the Member Mailer where you mail will go to 3,000 members you can send Jumbo Solo Ads to 43 sites and over 42,800 members. Send Solo Ads post Text Links and Login Ads. Join Here!


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