How to Connect With Your Customers on Snapchat

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snapchat4Snapchat is one of the Top Social Media Channels – so Don’t Ignore it!

The introduction of Snapchat, as one of the top Social Media Channels has increased people’s interaction with a great deal. Nowdays, people can easily talk about many different things over Snapchat.

Snapchat has emerged as an effective platform for interaction between a business person and his or her customers. However, without a clue on how to connect with customers on this social platform, you might not enjoy its benefits.

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How Often Should I Tweet

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You should not Tweet too much and also not too little

twitter3You should always Tweet so your followers will keep see your Tweet. Your Tweet should not be lost in the crowd of all other Tweets. So, how much you should Tweet depends on how much followers you have and how much your followers Tweet. This is very important if you want to take benefit of Twitter’s impact.

I can take my Twitter account, @cattifriberg, as an example. I follow, today, 1886 people and have 1621 followers. It is not so much, but, my followers are very active. I have followers that have over 20,0 tn followers and follow over 20,0 tn people. These people are very active on Twitter and they tweet alot. I got on my twitter account over 6,000 tweets / day, so if I just should Tweet 4 times a day, it should be just worthless, none would probably see my tweet. I tweet 4 times / hour during ‘peak time’! Yes, that’s right, 4 times / hour! ‘Peak time’ for me is between 9 am and 9 pm, +1 CET. I probably have followers that think I am spamming them……

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