PerkZilla – New Web Based Software For More Subscribers & Sales

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PerkZilla Review: Everything You Need To Know Before You Hit The Buy Button

You have probably been hearing the name PerkZilla floating around a lot lately. And if you haven’t, just wait – it will make it into your circles and social media networks soon.
Everyone is talking about it, because it is the most exciting viral rewards platform to come down the pike in a long time.

Simply put: people are loving their traffic, they are loving their new subscribers and they are loving all their new sales.

But is PerkZilla right for you? That is what you will find out inside this review. Take a look……

What is PerkZilla?

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Top Tips To Drive More Sales To Your eCommerce Store & How To Get Your Customers To Trust You

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Contrast, Incremental Increases & Trust Are Important For Your eCommerce Business

What makes something sell in an eCommerce Store?  On one hand, it of course boils down to the nature of the product itself; wheter it offers good value for money and whether it is something that people actually want. It also comes donw to timing, marketing and many other factors.

But actually, what’s perhaps most of all is the way it is positioned within that store. This might sound strange but the way in which a product is positioned within an eCommerce Store can have a huge impact on how desirable it seems. Likewise, so too can the colors used in the store listing and various other seemingly random fact. This all has to do with psychology and a good eCommerce Store owner will understand how to utilize this to the fullest effect. Read on and we’ll look at how eCommerce Stores can subtly affect us psychologically to drive more sales.

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Top Tips To Getting Started With Facebook For Business

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Don’t forgett that Facebook is a social site!

It is important to remember that Facebook users are there to socialize and check up on what’s going on in the world. It’s a modern day personalized newspaper!
Therfore it’s important that your marketing strategy works.

Creating the perfect Facebook Post is an art, one that many of the most popular pages have mastered. This allows them to increase their likes, shares and click through rate. There are a few different factors that go into creating the perfect post and most of them are simple.

First, do not write too long Facebook posts, I know you have been told that the long copy often sells better, but on Social Media is the opposite which matters. This is because when you are on social media and Facebook your attention span is limited, you are looking for something that will catches your eyes. Therefor you should keep your posts short and pack the information into less than 160 characters. Your Call To Action should be clear and unavoidable. Tell your audience what you want, what to do. Like Read On, Click Here, Sign Up Like This and so on.
Find out what your audience wants and appeal to them.

Videos perform better on Facebook than images. In fact, some studies suggest that images perform the worst of all media types on Facebook, but I don’t know. However it does not hurt to use a video instead of an images.

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A Quick Guide In Affiliate Marketing And What Affiliate Marketing Is

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How do I start with affilaite marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you (the affilaite) generate sales for some other product vendor and in exchange they pay you a commission for each sale that you make.

Many people dream of starting an online business working from home and starting an affiliate marketing business is one of the most popular home based business.  Affiliate Marketing is also a business where you can earn a lot of money, if you succeed…….

But before you start there are some things to know, first you must choose your niche, and you can read more about that in my blog post When It Comes To Online Marketing Success, Targeting Is Crucial  and Niche Targeting Is The Foundation Of Effective Marketing. 

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Top 10 Tips To Getting Traffic From Social Media Platforms

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How to use social media to generate traffic to your affiliate marketing business

Social Media has the potential to become the largest source of online traffic for any business, and specially an affiliate marketing business.

You can target profiles and hence genrate quility traffic from social media platforms. And because search engines have very little to offer to a business that don’t mangage to get their websites ranking on the first page of search results. Social Media too has its share of challenges but those are a little less overwhelming.

There are dozens of social media platforms. How your strategize your social media outreach will determine the traffic.

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