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My name is Cathrine, Cattis, Friberg and I am living in Sweden just outside Stockholm.

I have been around on the internet since 2013 and I first start out with Traffic Exchange and PPC sites and Affiliate Marketing. I have tried a lot on the internet in the “work from home / home based business” niche. Really fast I figured out that the PPC sites business was not for me, and that it was a total time consuming clicking ads like a freak for almost nothing.

I am still in the Traffic Exchange world but not as much as I was at the begining. I was one of the first member in the Click Track Profit  team Surf Aholics Alpha.  Right now I am surfing about 1000 pages/day on 4 TE sites. That’s because of two reasons, first, I was diagnosed with a neurlological diagnosis for one year ago, and second, I found Social Media and Social Media Marketing and with that  Twitter.  

Twitter is a great tool for affiliate marketing if you do it the right way. You write one Tweet, it takes about one minute, add an images and then tweet it. Next day when you check your Twitter analytics, you have over 1000 impressions….., for just 1 minute work!


And then check the engagement…… How many click on your site on a Traffic Exchange? If you have 1000 wievs on one site, how many surfers really did see you page?

Here is what my tweets earned over this 28 day period. Imagine the time you have to surf traffic exchange sites……

But I also use my Facebook Fan Page, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit in my social media marketing.

Email Marketing  is also a marketing channel a use and I have learned a lot about how I should use email marketing to get the most out of it.

If you follow me on my Blog and Social Media Channels, you will learn a lot of internet marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.


Thanks for passing by,

Cathrine Friberg



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me;


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