Top Tips To Drive More Sales To Your eCommerce Store & How To Get Your Customers To Trust You

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Contrast, Incremental Increases & Trust Are Important For Your eCommerce Business

What makes something sell in an eCommerce Store?  On one hand, it of course boils down to the nature of the product itself; wheter it offers good value for money and whether it is something that people actually want. It also comes donw to timing, marketing and many other factors.

But actually, what’s perhaps most of all is the way it is positioned within that store. This might sound strange but the way in which a product is positioned within an eCommerce Store can have a huge impact on how desirable it seems. Likewise, so too can the colors used in the store listing and various other seemingly random fact. This all has to do with psychology and a good eCommerce Store owner will understand how to utilize this to the fullest effect. Read on and we’ll look at how eCommerce Stores can subtly affect us psychologically to drive more sales.


Contrast refers to the way in which eCommerce Stores will purposefully create comparisons between similar products. One of the ways this works best is when the prices are slightly different. If you have two similar products but one is significantly more expensive than the other, then placing them next to each other can be a great move.

The reason is simple: when an expensive item is placed next to a cheaper item, this makes it appear even cheaper. This removes something called buyers guilt because the buyer can then make the excuse that they’re saving money by buying something cheap (even though they are still spending more then if they bought nothing at all).

Likewise though, this can also make the more expensive product more desirable to the right kind of customer. That’s because an expensive product will generally be perceived to be more desirable and this lets people feel like they are buying the very best product that is the most premium.

And here is something else smart about using contrast in pricing: it allows you to encourage people to spend a little more then they ottherwise would have.

Incremental Increases

For example, someone might only be willing to spend $10. Thus they go to buy your $10 product, but then notice the more expensive option for $15 with all the bells and whistles. They are only adding $5 to their total spend in order to get the very best…. so why not buy?

This can sometimes be enough to convince someone to buy something who normally wouldn’t be willing to spend $15! It works because you are increasing the price incrementally which makes it seem like less of a stark increase versus what they were intending on spending.

Another thing to consider is that the small difference appears smaller in relation to the main price. For example, when an item costs $100, people won’t think twice about spending an extra $5. However, when an item costs $5 that extra $5 is a 100% hike in the price!

Barriers to overcome to sale

When you are trying to sell products through an eCommerce Store, one of the biggest challenges you face is trying to overcome the various ‘barriers to sale’. Barriers to sale are anything that discourage people from buying your products, even though they actually want them and feel that they are worth the money.

One of  the biggest barriers to sale here is the fact that people don’t like inputting their detalis because it is a hassle. You might want to buy something but not have the time or patience to fill out a form – and for that reason you don’t convert. One way to overcome this is to use a payment method that doesn’t require any details – such as PayPal.

The other big barrier though is trust. When people buy from you, they are giving you their details and their address and they are trusting that the product you are selling meets the description. They are trusting that you won’t run off with their details and they are trusting that your site is safe and secure.

That is a big ask if you have never encountered the customer before and it can be too much of an ask in many cases. So how do you overcome this issue and get people to trust you enough to bite the bullet?

Here are some of the best strategies

  • Make sure your site looks professional – One of the most straightforward and effective ways to increase trust among your visitors, is to make sure that your site looks professional and modern. If you have ever been to a webiste that looks like it was made in the Geocities era, then no doubt you will know how off-putting this can be and it makes it very hard to trust the security of the site or even that the business is till operational!
  • Get a Security Badge – There are a number of companies that offer to perform security checks on websites an to provide a ‘badge’ or ‘seal’ that you can display if you pass. This is then used to communicate to your visitors that your site is safe to shop on.
    Don’t spend a lot of money on this though: these seals vary in quality and a lot of customers won’t put much stock in them (what is to prevent you creating you own seal?). But if you can find a cheap and well-recognized one, then it doesn’t hurt.
  • Use a Recognized Payment Processor – People will feel much more comfortable buying through PayPal than they will filling out a form to give you their details.
  • Have Cheap Items For Sale – If you are trying to sell a big ticket item, then you are creating a lot more risk for them. They will worry that you might never keep up your side of the bargain and they will lose all their money. A way around this is to sell them a cheaper item first. This way they can check that you are true to your word in a much safer capacity and then only decide to spend more once you have proven yourself.

It is all about chaning the way your buyers think and this can have a huge impact on your sales!

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