Top Tips To Getting Started With Facebook For Business

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Don’t forgett that Facebook is a social site!

It is important to remember that Facebook users are there to socialize and check up on what’s going on in the world. It’s a modern day personalized newspaper!
Therfore it’s important that your marketing strategy works.

Creating the perfect Facebook Post is an art, one that many of the most popular pages have mastered. This allows them to increase their likes, shares and click through rate. There are a few different factors that go into creating the perfect post and most of them are simple.

First, do not write too long Facebook posts, I know you have been told that the long copy often sells better, but on Social Media is the opposite which matters. This is because when you are on social media and Facebook your attention span is limited, you are looking for something that will catches your eyes. Therefor you should keep your posts short and pack the information into less than 160 characters. Your Call To Action should be clear and unavoidable. Tell your audience what you want, what to do. Like Read On, Click Here, Sign Up Like This and so on.
Find out what your audience wants and appeal to them.

Videos perform better on Facebook than images. In fact, some studies suggest that images perform the worst of all media types on Facebook, but I don’t know. However it does not hurt to use a video instead of an images.

Talk to your readers and ask them questions. This is not only great for building your brand and make it strong, it also increasing the amount of comments your posts receive. You should alos be quick. The early bird catches the worm and all that…. If you are the first on to peak popular news, or talk about a new subject then you are likely to receive a much better response than if you are the thousandth person. Keep you finger on the button and get to the story first!


How to get a better CTR  and Likes from Facebook

You have probably heard the term CTR before if you are using Facebook to try drive traffic to your website. CTR or Click Through Rate, refers to what percentage of those that see your link actually click through and go to your website. I’m sure you can see why you’d want to increase your CTR, it will make your posts more effective at driving traffic and can increase your revenue.

There are some proven ways to improve your CTR that I will go through in this article, but often it can come down to your specific niche. The audience you are targeting will dictate what methods are best.

As I mentioned before, one great method that brands like BuzzFeed are notorious for using is click bait titles . These are titles which are specifically used to entice people to click through and go to yuor website. Often these are exaggerated titles and sometimes downright lies, but your should never lie because it doesn’t work very well at all. It is better to exaggerate a point in your story, or link it to a popular event or person.
One factor that has been proven to be the most crucial when it comes to improveing your CTR is the images you maybe use. So, if you are not spending a decent amout of time looking for or creating the perfect image then you are probably missing out on potential visitors. Imporant is also that the website that you are linking to is something that Facebook users would want to read in their current mindset. You are probably less likely to get a good CTR promoting a boring study , but your might get a better CTR talking abuot 5 intresting facts about particles that affect out everyday lives.

When you start up with Facebook it is important that you get likes on your posts. But why is it imporant? Well, when someone likes a post on Facebook that post is then shared into their friends newsfeed. This basically menas that your post will be able to reach people who aren’t currently fans of your page or brand.

So, how can you get more likes on your Facebook Posts?

  1. This is, probably one of the most important things and that is to make sure that you are posting content that people want to be associated with.
  2. Secondly and building upon the first point, make it shareable. Often people may see your post and associate with them but don’t find them funny or imformative enought to like them or share them. You need to make sure that your posts are shareable.
  3. Ask. You can  be sidcreate abut this or you can be obviois. An obvious way might be to ask people at the end of your post to like and share it with their friends. Studies have shown that this can make a huge impact on the amount of likes a post receives.


How to drive traffic from Facebook

Just like any other platform, if you want to drive traffic from Facebook then you first need to have an understanding of the people that use Facebook. To drive traffic from Facebook you need to think of your audiences’ current mindset and see how you can spin your link to appeal to them. First you have to make sure that the link you are sharing with your Facebook Fans is relevant to them at the time they are on Facebook. So instead of going for the direct sell you might choose to share some funny content instead, something to get them onto your site where you can sell to them or collect their email address to sell to them later. Timing is everyting!
Make sure that your headline is absolutely killer. A lot of Facebook users not only click through purley based on the title (headline) that you use in your post, but also share and like it before even clicking through. Studies have shown that the title that you use makes a much bigger difference to whether people will click you link than the text surrounding the link. One importnt factor when it comes to driving traffic from a post is the image that you use in your post. Make sure that the image is attractive but also relveant to the link that you are posting, this is because deceiving your audience can cause negative reactions.

This was just some things that you can do to start with Facebook and of couse, success with your Social Media Marketing. There are a lot more you can do and I am sure that you will learn and improve your skills.

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