A Quick Guide In Affiliate Marketing And What Affiliate Marketing Is

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How do I start with affilaite marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you (the affilaite) generate sales for some other product vendor and in exchange they pay you a commission for each sale that you make.

Many people dream of starting an online business working from home and starting an affiliate marketing business is one of the most popular home based business.  Affiliate Marketing is also a business where you can earn a lot of money, if you succeed…….

But before you start there are some things to know, first you must choose your niche, and you can read more about that in my blog post When It Comes To Online Marketing Success, Targeting Is Crucial  and Niche Targeting Is The Foundation Of Effective Marketing. 

So what are the advantages with Affiliate Marketing?

  • Super easy to promote third party products and keep commissions (50%-100%)
  • Just need to drive traffic
  • No hadache of product creation
  • No technical knowledge reguired
  • Can lead to high ticket commissions

To success with your affiliate marketing business you must set up a plan, have a calender and follow your plan.


Places to find best converting affilate offers

I use JvZoo and ClickBank, sometimes Warrior +, there are some more to find if you search Google, and which to choose depends on your niche.

If you want to promote offers from JvZoo and Warrior+ you first must request for product approve by the vendor. ClickBank not. ClickBank has most products in almost every category.
Now you just have to drive traffic to your affilaite offers, and that is not always as easy as you think. I use email marketing, traffic exchagne and social media to promote my affiliate offers. Social Media is by many unfortunately underestimated. If you use The Power Of Social Media right you can get a lot of leads. Read more about the Top Tips To getting Traffic From Social Media Platforms.

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