Use List Building To Get Better Results From Forum Marketing

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Why You Should Build Your List With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing can be very frustrating. Let me get that out of the way. It really can. Why? There are a lot of people on forums that would somply waste your time. They ask a lot of ridiculous questions and you just post answer after answer. It seems that people aren’t paying attention. If you are frustrated with your forum marketing efforts, I understand completely. However, you also need to understand that you might not be doing it right. First of all, if you are simply driving traffic from forums to your blog or your website, you are doing it wrong.

You need to build a list so you can maximize the otherwise temporaty traffic you get from forums and elsewhere on the Internet. At the least, your list enables you to bring back traffic whenever you want. These are people that have given you expressed permission to message them when you you have an update. This is a tremendous marketing opportunity. Instead of kissing all traffic goodbye the moment they bounce out of your pages, recruit those people to your mailing list so you can send them an email whenever you want.

Forum Marketing Delivers Solid Direct Traffic

It’s beyond debate that forum marketing delivers solid traffic. Why? Most forums are niche targeted. Forums specialize in particular topics. If your blog or website is focused on this particular topic and you advertise on forums that are focused on those topics, the high degree of relevance means that people would actually be interested in your content. This can lead to you making more money because there is a direct correlation between the content people are looking to consume and the content that you feature on your online property.

The Big Problem

The big problem despite the advatages of tight, niche targeting is that most online traffic is transitory. What I mean by this is onece people visit your website and leave, they will be gone for good. Thre’s really nothing you can do about this unless you figure out a way to message them so they can come back. That’s the only way. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers think that as long as they bomb their website or blog with traffic, they will make money. This is absolutely wrong. Sure, you can get conversions every once in a while, but it really would be a wast of all the time, effort and money you spent building up that traffic if you were to just simply rely on instant conversions. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a certain percentage of people that would convert with you ads. There’s no doubt about that. In fact, the percentage might even be guite high. However, I’m telling you right now, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re just simply giong to rely on instant conversions.

Use The KLT Process To Convert Temporary visitors Into List Members

The secret to turning otherwise temporary website visitors into recurring visitors is a mailing list. You need to get people to sign up to your mailing list when they visit your website. The best way to do this is to shepherd people through the buying process. The buying process is actually quite simple. People will only do what you want them to do if they trust you. However, for people to trust you they must first like you. Finally, for people to like you they must first feel that they know you. You need people to get to know you then like you than trust you.

This seems like a complicated process, it isn’t. It all imvolves setting up your pages and content in such a way that you’re pushing people further down the KLT process. At the end, they should get them to trust you enough that they sign up to your mailing list. Make no mistake about it by driving highly targeted visitors from niche-specific forums, you can use your blog or website to turn that highly-targeted traffic into loyal list members. It is your list that will make you money because you can send updates to that list long after the member has joined. As long as your update is compelling and your titles grab eyeballs, you can rest assured that your list will be an asset that will continue to deliver solid returns long into the future.


That’s how you play the game. That’s you get better results from your forum marketing efforts with a list. Don’t fall into that very common trap of relying on instant conversions. You can get decent instant conversions, but it would really be a shame if you didn’t convert site visitors into list members so you can call them into action again long into the future.

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