Selling Digital Products Online and JvZoo

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The information age has been a blessing to the online market. Every single day, millions of people around the would turn to the internet to find answers to problems they have.
So many products have been created, aimed at helping people on a daily basis – whether it is to help with their health, beauty tips, dating advice, hot to train their dog, make money online, use Facebook, and so on.

One of the key benefits of JvZoo is its marketplace that allows to sell both digital and physical products. While physical products are a big part of our every day lives, many still opt to read a book or use a tool online or on their desktop. If you have a digital product, JvZoo is a fantastic place to launch it on and sell long term.

Here’s some key things you need to know about selling a digital product:

  1. What is a digital product? –  A digital product is anything that can be delivered in its entirely online. When you purchase, say, a jacket online, while the transaction is happening online, you will be receiving a physical item in the post – in this case, a jacket. Online, the transaction both ways is instant: you receive your customer’s money instantly, and your customer receives access to the product instantly. A digital product can be anything that can be delivered online: a report, a downloadable program, a desktop program, a plugin to use inside WordPress, training videos your customer can watch – all these and more are considered digital products, because that is the way they are being delivered; digitally.
  2. It has to be valuable – It’s no secret that it can take sometimes years to write a book and get it published. With the online world, you can drastically decrease this time by creating someone online and not having to wait around for a publisher, but sell it yourself right away. Having said that, put just as much thought and care into creating your digital product as you would if you were preparing for something offline. It’s much easier for a customer to demand a refund online than in the offling world, so you need to ensure that the value you have contained with your product is a good as you can make it.
  3. Ask yourself “what does my customer want?” – A very important thing when it comes to creating any product in general is asking yourself  what does my customer want? If you know or have created a product already, you will know the information they want. But the question is: how do they want it delivered? Will your ideal customer be willing to read a long eBook, or perhaps they want video training to guide them through? Or what about extra downloadable resources you can add in? Think through all these points, and choose a delivery method that not only engage your customer, but make the information easy to retain.

These are just three key guidelines to consider when crating a digital product to sell. The next stage of course is to actually launch the product on JvZoo. If you’d like to find out how you can do that click here to check out the JvZoo  Academy.

To learn more about launching your product on JvZoo, take a look inside the JvZoo Premium Training or watch out for a future blog post where we will dissect what goes into a successful launch.

So, what other things should you consider when creating a digital product? COMMENT below with your ideas or questions.


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