A Guide to Build Your Email List From Scratch

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em14 Important Things To Do To Build Your Email List

If you want to make some good money online, there are many ways for you to do it. But, one of the most effective ways is list building. List Building is an important part of your online business. But, many people want to harness the power of list building. And yes, building a list is time consuming. That is why they don’t want to do the hard work in building a list from scratch. Many businesses simply buy an existing list, and hope that they can make a forune with it. The problem is that when you are not building your list from scratch, you cannot build a good relationship with your subscribers from the start.

By building your list from scratch, you can allow your subscribers to get to know about you from the start, building a ood emotional relationship with them, which makes it easier fór you to convert them into customers. But, this is quite difficult, challenging, and time consuming to do. Moreover, you have to be willing to put in the hard work of building your list before you are able to see the number of subscribers grow on your list.

Here are 4 important things to do to build your list from scratch:

  1. Build a Website that you will use as a Lead generation Tool –  Before you can build a list, you have to create the tool that you can use to let your audience know the existence of your list, and persuade them to join your list. Adding subscribers to your list is not an easy thing to do. Remember, your subscribers cannot come from anywhere. They have to belong to your target audience, which means the people that are interested in the niche you are in. The first step is to build a website where you can use as a lead generation tool. On this website, your goal is to allow your audience or website visitors to subscribe to your list. So, you have to add quality content regularly to your website in order to do this. Publish articles that give good information about your niche, and put your subscription box at the end of your articles.
  2. Tweak the Homepage of your Website and make it look impressive – Now that you have prepared a website to attract more subscribers to your list, let’s take a look at the homepage of your website. The homepage of your website has to be impressive enough to make your audience want to subscribe to your list immediately. Usually, a good practice is to put a squeeze page on your homepage. What is a squeeze page? It is a page where you can persuade your audience to subscribe to your list in exchange of something. For instance, you cn offer a free report, free audio interview, free video, or anything else, which entices your audience to subscribe to you list.
  3. Offer only Quality Products and Services that can solve your audience’s problems – The products and services that you offer to your audience should be able to help them solve their problems. This is the point. If you offer something that doesn’t provide any solution to your audeince, then how can they be willing to follow your lead? If you can put a call to action that encourages your audeince to subscribe to your list, but you are not capable of providing any solution to them, then they will not take action. But, if you can convince them that you are able to help them sove their biggest problem, then they eill subscribe to you list without thinking twice. However, be sure that you are not using your mailing list merely to promote your products and servies, since sonner or later your subscribers will consider you as a spammer.
  4. Don’t share Your List to others – Once your subscribers get to your list, it must stay with you. Don’t get tempted to sell, rent or share your list with other list builders. If you have a profitable list for yourself, why would you want to decrease the profitability of your list by sharing it with other list owners? There is a time for you to send emails to other people’s mailing list, but when you’ve built your list from scratch, you have to stop the temptation to give it to others. In this way, you will be able to kep the profitability of your list as much as possible, and make your subscribers trust you because you respect their privacy.


If you follow this four tips you will success with your list building and email marketing. One thing you not have to forgett is to be patient, building a list takes time. Great value is also important, you should offer something unique, something no one else offers. Why should anyone sign up to your offer if you not are alone?
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