How to Get Started Making Money with Amazon

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amazonaffiliateAffiliate Marketing with Amazon

Since you are here reading this, you have likely already heard about how you can make money with Amazon Affiliate Program.
Perhaps you have already created your own website and hosted it in hopes of making some good coin with Amazon Affiliate Program. If you are unsure exactly how to do that, you are not alone. Here are some steps to get you started.

  1. Learn basic HTML – If you don’t know HTML already, now is a good time to learn it. It will help to keep your costs down and give you more flexibility. Many sites are WYSIWYG but the trouble is you lack any flexibilty when it comes to creating hyperlinks, formatting text, and carrying out other tasks that can help you to make money with Amazon. There are tons of HTML tutorials online so in no time at all you can learn the basics.
  2. It is time to decide that your niche or topic will be – If you are planning to make recommendations, do product reviews, or just talk about a certain product or products in an effort of selling that product. Make sure you choose a narrow niche that is distinct and will be easy to target. For example Latin Dance, Card Making, Juck Russel, etc.
  3. Pick the domain name – Make sure that you give this the thought it deserves. Choose a name that is keyword rich to help you with SEO, a name that is relevant, and matches your niche. Of course, it will have to be available so have a few options that you will be happy with. For example, ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ you have also be creative in case the domain you want isn’t availablr by using hyphens, such as ‘’ or choose a different domain extension. There are tons- for example net, ca, org, edu, etc.
  4. Register the domain name – Many hosting sites are set up so you can register your domain ritht away but if not you can register it separately though many different sites. Once you register your domain name, it will be yours to use. Register a domain for a year ranges from $10 to $20 on average.
  5. Setup web hosting – This is where you need to be careful. There is really expensive web hosting and generally there in no reason to pay high rates. Even if they offer all kinds of tools most people don’t use the majority of these features and you will be paying for them. You should be able to find hosting for as little as $5 a month, and for as little as $10 you can find hosting for unliminted sites.
  6. Install the blog software – Why blog software? Because it will provide with the necessary structure to make it easy for you to run an effective site and post new content easily. WordPress is the most popular. It is open source, which means it is free, it is easy to install, and it is extremely powerful. Many web hosts have a one-step process for installation, or just download and follow the instructions provided.
  7. Make it look good – One of the perks to WordPress is all the templates that you have to choose from. In addition to the hundreds of free themes, there are hundreds of WordPress themes you want, and offers what you want to be able to do in terms of tools.
  8. Create your categories – Your blog software should allow you to setup categories that help to organize your entries so it is easier for your visitors to find what it is they are interested in reading. For example, your ‘Jack Russel’ site might have a number of categories such as training, eating, toys etc.
  9. Become an Amazon Associate – The sign up is smple, and it is free. Just go to the Amazon site and at the bottom click ‘Join Associates’ link. You’ll want to have your site set up – at least the basics with some content, as they are going to review your site.
  10. Create the blog posting links – There are different ways to create your links. You can use the tools offered by your blog software, but the easiest way is using the ‘Amazon Build a Link Tool’. Log into your Associate page, and find the product you want to review. Build your personalized link. There are a number of options for link building but most would tell you that the text links are most effective.
  11. It is time to blog – The time has come to write your blog review and post it. You will insert your link code to the product on the Amazon site that you are writing the review for. You will want to include a number of reviews.
  12. Promote your website – Make sure you take time to promote your website/blog. There are all kinds of online communities that can help you do this, as well as social media, directories, etc. The most exposure the better!
eCom Profit Machine eCom Profit Machine

There you have it! We have now set up so you are ready to start making money with Amazone. There are softwares that will build high profitable traffic generating eCommerce Stores in minutes. They are really easy to use and you don’t need any programming-, coding-, web design- or HTML skills at all.  You simply add the products you want to add like product images, product descriptions, videos and customer reviews quickly and easily and your website will look like a high professional and fully functional eCommerce Store that takes care of the payments, order fulfilment and handling. These sites are full SEO, Google and Social Media friendly and works 100% on autopilot but at the the same time 100% risk free!

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