Best Practices in Managing Affiliate Programs

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How to Manage Your Affiliate Programs in Order to Success

AffSurv3You really need to understand the workings of affiliate marketing in order to successfully manage such a system. If you don’t get it, you will hardly realize meaningful results. Managing an affiliate program properly is the key to realizing its full potential. This marketing segment constantly evolves and you will regularly need to make adjustments but here are some best practices that can help you run a successful campaign.

  1. Ensure that you update affiliates on a regular basis. This can be done through the timely sending of newsletter whith relevant information that will help them in the course of their marketing efforts. Providing tips on how to sell products through different communication channels like emails is also another way of having a sucessful program.
  2. The best affiliate program managers find a way to create a balance between the needs of the merchant and the affilaite needs. This balance ensures that both ends of the program are working efficiently to push for sales and generate more revenue.
  3. Always track results. This is very important because sometimes stategies don’t work and the best way to find a working formula is by going back to the drawing board. Good managers analyze performances and find corrective measures on order to realize better results. Do not be afraid to change course if you are headed in the wrong direction.
  4. Encourage honesty. Affiliate marketing really does thrive on honesty. Consumers need to trust you and they can only do that when you are being truthful. The affiliate programs that you are managing should only sell genuine products that consumers will find useful. Building relationships is everything in this type of marketing.
  5. Managing Affiliates requires quick solving of problems. An affiliate program manager should be willing to tackle problems with honesty and desire to find solutions. Without the affiliates, the program cannot really work and you therefore need to make them feel wanted and respected so that they can deliver.
  6. Be accessible. Affiliates should be able to communicate with you when they have issues. Do not be a manager who cannot be accessed. That is one of the reasons why most affiliates opt out of programs.
  7. Inital agreements must be upheld. The merchant should pay commissions to affiliates on timely manner as agreed. As an affiliate program manager, you kind of act as the enforcer of the law. You pay a neutral role and therefore should not feel obliged to side with either party. Everone should get a fair treatment.
  8. Update text, links, datafeeds, coupons, banners and promotions on a regular basis. Keep them fresh and relevant to the concerded parties.
  9. You should push for growth accordingly. The affiliate has the responsibility of generating many clicks while the merchant should play a role of creating more conversions. If one party does not perform the whole system slacks.
  10. Push for the rewarding of Affiliates who perform exceptionally. Your success as an affiliate program manager depends on the number of conversions made and that starts with the affiliates. Rewarding those who exceed expectations ultimately translates to better results because they will motivated to do even better.


If you follow these 10 steps you find it more easy to success as an affiliate program manager. It is no guarantee that you will success, you still have to work hard.


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