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How to Make Your Own YouTube Video

YT2Maktin a YouTube Video may seem complicated, but it isn’t necessarily that hard. Even if you only have a few basic computer skills, you can make your own videos and upload them to YouTube.

The first step to making a YouTube Video is to get a video recording device, like a webcam. If you have a new and modern cell phone you can make perfectly videos on fly. You just need to make sure that your cell phone can capture video and acces the internet and you are good to go. They are great for shooting quick funny videos of your per, your favorite cousin getting scared by your little brother or other live videos.

However, if you want to create better quality videos, you’ll want to use a traditional camcorders, particularly digital ones and webcams are nice low-cost alternatives. Once you have a video recording device, you can start shooting and upload your own videos.

You can make just about any type of video you want, whether it  is scripted or just a spur of the moment recording. When making your video keep in mind that while YouTube doesn’t limit the number of videos you can submit, they can be no longer than fifteen minutes long unless you co through the process of increading your limit which can be done from this page: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/71673?hl=en


Now let’s go over a few quick tips fjor making great videos:

  • When shooting at night or indoors, make sure the lighing is good. Nothing is worse that watching a video that is hard to see.
  • If you are shooting outside, make sure you aren’t in direct sunlight to avoid glare, or a spot that is so shady that your face is hidden. Late afternoon is usually a good time.
  • Take it easy with the zoom. Zooming in or out too much makes your video hard to watch. It is best to get a good fix on your subject and keep the same distance throughout the video.


Here is a nice article that I found. It includes fifty more tips for shooting great videos: http://chris.pirillo.com/50-youtube-and-online-video-tips-and-tricks

If you find that, you need to do some quick edits before you upload your video you can with movie editing software. This software allows you to preview and adit your videos, before uploading the finished product.

If you have a relatively new computer, you should be able to find movie editing software already installed, like Movie Maker or iMovie. If you find that you don’t have software per installed don’t worry, there are several free software programs you can download. There are also professional programs you can buy.

However, those aren’t your only option. YouTube has a build in editor that you can use for quick edits: http://www.youtube.com/editor.

The decision as to ehether or not you want to edit your videos, before sharing them is completely up to you and depends on the type of video you made.


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