The Ultimate Secret to Winning Affiliate Contests

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How you can win Affiliate Contests

JVs4There is one secret that I want to share and that is how you can win those big affiliate contests. You’ve probably never thought of it this way, because the product does not belong to you, but you must treat it as though it does.

So, the trouble with promoteing other people’s content is that it’s human nature to put your all into promoting your own stuff. After all, when you work hard on a product, you treat it like it is your baby. why wouldn’t you?

The real trick to winning affiliate contests is to treat every product you promote as if it is your own. You need to buy the product yourself (or get a review copy, if possible) so you can know that product inside and out. You need to understand what makes that product tick so you can write the best promotional material and so you can respond to questions from your list members.

Not only that, but you need to put the same passion and excitement into promoting those affiliate products that you would with your own. Every email needs to reflect that passion and excitement.

But what if you don’t feel passionate about the product?

Easy. Don’t promote it!

What? But what if it is paying a HUGE commissions? What it is selling like hotcakes? What if……

Stop. If you don’t feel passionate about the product, you absolutely should not be promoting it. If YOU do not feel excitement, why would your list members? If you go through a product (wich you should do for every product you promote) and you do not feel passionate, it is not the right product for you to promote.

When creating your promotional plan for a product, think about what you would do to promote the product if it was your own. You had probably start with some pre-launch stuff like delivering hype through emails, blogging about it, holding webinars, etc. At launch, you had be right there by your email, watching for problems, answering questions, helping customers. After launch, you had to send out reminder emails, follow up with additional bog posts, etc.

Most people do not do this for launches that are not their own. They do not put in the same time and effort. They might send out one or two emails. A few might even blog about the product or hold a webinar. But generally, people just do not put in the same effort for a product that isn’t their own.

And that is exactly what gives you the opportunity to sneak in under the radar and win those contests! You can make more effort than that, and blow those competitors out of the water!

Treat every launch you promote as if it were your very own, and you will likely see a dramatic increase in sales, and you just might start winning those affiliate contests.

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