Buying Psychology: Understanding why People buy eBooks

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How to get people buying your eBook

books-and-coffeeSelling an eBook can potentially be a highly lucrative way to make money. In fact, there are many examples od people making thousands of dollars by selling digital products and even millions. In some cases an eBook can sell for over a hundred dollars and the cost for online seminars can soar into the thousands.

But when you really think about it, this makes very little sense.

Why ould someone be willing to spend $30 or $100 on an eBook ehen that same information most likely available online?

And why do people willingly pay for apps when they can relatively easily download them illegally?

Convenience and Deliverly

One of the key benefits of buying a digital product through the legitimate channels is that it is convenient. There is no hunting around for anything and it is far easier to learn to do something by reading one book as compared with reading up on lots of different websites.

Another key thing to consider is the deliverly and the packaging. People are very rarely motivated by logic when it comes to buying and more often this will come down to an impulse decision based on emotion.

That is why packinging your eBook nicely can make all the differeince. That means paying a designer to create a striking cover and it means using beautiful images inside and excellent formatting. All this will make people really want your product and increase the desire greatly.

Trust and Authority

Another reason that people buy eBooks and apps is because of the relationship that they have with the creator.

We pay for apps because we want to support the developer. And that is why we are much more likely to download something illegally if we feel that the software os overpriced or if it comes from a large development studio rather than an individual or a small team.

As for eBooks, people are willing to pay for those rather than seek out the information themselves because they trust the author. In other words, they belive that the author knows what they are talking about and can genuinely help to make their lives better. Compared with following the advice of a complete stranger on the web who thwy have never contacted before, this makes a lot more sense.

With all that in mind then, the best way to ensure your product sells is to:

  • Create something that looks beautiful
  • Price it right
  • Deminstrate your expertise and knowledge in a free-to-access blog
  • Make the whole process as convenient and easy for the buyer as possible

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