Essential Components of a Successful Squeeze Page

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The important steps to build a high converting Squeeze Page


Your squeeze page is a very important part of your email marketing system, and every internet marketing guru in the world will tell you that you must have a squeeze page.

And it is not enough to simply throw up a page asking people to opt-in. People are very suspicious of entering their email address because of spammers, so you have to give them a very good reason to opt-in.

So, let’s start with what a squeeze page actually is. You may have heard the words capture page, lead capture page and opt-in page before. What is the difference between these and just a “squeeze page”? The answer is, there is no difference, it is all the same.

A squeeze page only job is to get visitors to give you their name and email address through the opt-in process and their wish to subscribe to your list. Therefor it is very important and of great significance what you offer in exchange of an email address.

  1. The Design – There are two schools of thought about squeeze page design. Some say a beautiful design gives an air of professionalis, preferring to put a lot of effort into a really nice design. Other say a plain CSS design draws attention to the headline and other content elements. It is a good idea to test both types to find out which one works best for you.
  2. The Headline – The headline is absolutely vital. In fact, it is probably the most important part of a squeeze page. Your headline should generally be red, enclosed in quotes, and it should be mysterious and intriguing in order to get people to read the rest of the page.
  3. The Bullet Points – Standard sales copy should not be used on a squeeze page. You do not want people to get bored and leave before they reach the opt-in box. Your bullet points should tell people a little about what they will get if they sign up to your list, but they should also be a bit mysterious. Curiosity is the best way to get people to sign up.
  4. The Offer – In order to get people to join your list, you need to offer them a bribe of some sort. Most åeople access to a free report, but increasingly people are offering other things such as videos or software. Do not just offer basic information, You want to give them something really valuable.


An optional component that can boost your opt-in rate is a video. A well-produced video can work very vell to convince people to join you mailing list. You can convery the same information you might in your bullet points, but a video makes it easy for people who do not like to read to find out what you are offering.

Putting a little effort into your squezee page will really pay off in the end. If you can double your opt-in rate, you will build your list twice as fast as you would have otherwise!

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