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You don’t need a website to promote your own website

With CBProAds you have the opportunity to promote your own webside without having your own site / blog. Complete with Top Selling ClickBank products with your own unique affiliate link. This is one of the best ways to promote ClickBank products, my sales have increased significantly. You never need to update, this is manages by ClickBank, it´s just to drive massive of traffic to you own special page.

CBProAds gives you many opportunities to market top high paying ClickBank products. Besides banner rotation there are also various forms of Ads, like Sliding Box Ads, Carousel Images Ads, Block Images Ads and Slide Ads. Then you have Digital Storefront and Niche Storefront. If you do have your own webside/blog CBPro Ads gives you the opportunity to install a WP plugin and upload your very own Digital Storefront and/or Niche Storefront.

So, what are the benefits with CBProAds?

You always promote Top-Selling ClickBank products, with 50-75% in incredible commissions on every product you sale, and this works total on Autopilot! CBProAds is the only site that provides the maximum range of ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tools to ClickBank affiliates and the only site that offers redefined ads of each ClickBank product.

Here is why you should use CBProAds to promote top Clickbank products:

  • Ad Rotators – nine differant typ of ad rotators. CBProAds has developed an amazing ClickBank Ad generation tools set wich allows members to create high quality ClickBank Ad which, when displayed, greatly increase the revenue generating potential of their websites and blogs. Promote by category and display the type of size, colour and format you want, with you own ClickBank affiliate link.

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        • ClickBank Storefronts – a fully featured CB Storefront to make money with CB for those who do not have their own website/blog. You will be given you own fully indexed and completely searchable CB Marketplace (StoreFront) by CBProAds. If you want make money on Autopilot promoting ClickBank products and dont have you own website/blog this is a great opportunity. Site is hosted by CBProAds and updated on a daily basis. Your own ClickBank Storefront website containing 13,000+ products, and ALL products with YOUR ClickBank ID in the background, that means the money goes directtly into your ClickBank account!



        • ClickBank Niche Storefronts – 21 different niches. Promote products to a smaller subset of consumers who have specific identified need – this can be very sucessful if you promote a niche to the right target audience. CBProAds gives you the opportunity to promote 21 different niche websites in 8 different niches. Like in Storefront, every product have your unique ClickBank id.



        • WP Plugin for CB Storefronts – For those who have their own website/blog you can host & run your own ClickBanks Storefront on your server. This is indeed the best option, if you wich to promote your ClickBank Storefronts through Search Engine Optimization. With this option, you can design your storefront as you please, as this WP plugin integrates into the system almost seamlessly.



        • WP Plugin for CB Niche Storefronts – This is a very good opportunity for you if you have your own WP site to advertise top selling ClickBank products in a particular niche. You get complete control over customization with a 100% SEO friendly site. Choose from more than 75 different Niche Storefronts from Premade Niches. After installetion you don’t have to update your marketplace feed date everyday with Clickbank´s data. This is done automatically. Just upload and start sell top selling ClickBank products on autopilot!



Make Money with Clickbank
Make Money with Clickbank

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