How Often Should I Tweet

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You should not Tweet too much and also not too little

twitter3You should always Tweet so your followers will keep see your Tweet. Your Tweet should not be lost in the crowd of all other Tweets. So, how much you should Tweet depends on how much followers you have and how much your followers Tweet. This is very important if you want to take benefit of Twitter’s impact.

I can take my Twitter account, @cattifriberg, as an example. I follow, today, 1886 people and have 1621 followers. It is not so much, but, my followers are very active. I have followers that have over 20,0 tn followers and follow over 20,0 tn people. These people are very active on Twitter and they tweet alot. I got on my twitter account over 6,000 tweets / day, so if I just should Tweet 4 times a day, it should be just worthless, none would probably see my tweet. I tweet 4 times / hour during ‘peak time’! Yes, that’s right, 4 times / hour! ‘Peak time’ for me is between 9 am and 9 pm, +1 CET. I probably have followers that think I am spamming them……

Content is King that’s right. It means it is important that you always tweet good content. How do you know what is good content? If you check your Twitter analycis everyday you can see how many times your tweets have been seen and how many interactions you did have. Here you can also see which time is the most valuable to tweet. If you just think before tweeting something like; ‘would this tweet interest me?’ If not, just don’t tweet. I assume that you and your followers have the same interests, your interests should be reflected in your profile. That is why I have two accounts, @cattifriberg and @cattisfriberg.  @cattifriberg is my account for Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Traffic Exchange, Social Media Marketing, Forex Tranding and everything that goes with it. @cattisfriberg is my ‘dog’ account there I tweet about everything about dogs, dog training, dog health and so on. I thing that my ‘Dog Followers’ whould not be happy if I tweet something about Email Marketing, and my other followers would not be happy if I tweet ‘Dog Training Tips’

You should also not tweet the same content too much, but if you want something to be seen you can tweet about more then once. One article can have two, three, four or five different tweets. If you ad an image, it should be an relevant image.

Do not always sell something. If you do, people will unfollow you. Also tweet information tweets in your niche. One good thing is to follow the big giants in your industry and if you read an interesting article, tweet about if. You can also follow them on other social media to pick up some useful article to tweet about. If you tweet good and interesting content in your industry, people will follow you, not just follow back. I have people follow me that have over 40,0 tn followers but just follow about 20,0 tn. I also have big social media company follow me with almost 60,0 tn followers but just follow about 20,0 tn. Then you know that you are doing right.

Retweet is important if you want your tweets to be retweeted. Quote good tweets when you retweet. That is why you should leave about 20 characters so others retweeting your tweet can qutoe them. If a follower retweet your tweet, thank them for it. If a follower thank you for a retweet answer back. You also get new followers just by retweeting tweets. I got 222 new followers in October, and most of them, if not all, choose to follow me, not just follow back. In august, 460 new followers, and most of them was not follow back followers.

To schedule my tweets I use TweetDeck, TweetDeck is a free to use tool from Twitter for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement on Twitter. The first thing I do in the morning is to set up my Tweets for the day.

Okay, I don´t say I am a Twitter pro, because I am not. I have so much more to learn, I think you never stop learning. If you want to learn, read, and learn from the best, they are best for a reason. I started to be active in Januari 2015, 10 month ago, and before that I virtuallly had no followers, just my account.


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