3 Reasons Why Having an Email List is so Important

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3 Reasons why having an email list is so Valuable

IBXA strong email list is by far one of your most valuable assets. An email list is a great tool when it comes to building an online following. Email marketing remains one of the most result-oriented techniques in the dynamic world of marketing. Here are 3 reasons why having an email list is still considered one of the most crucial things for marketers to possess.

  1. Delivery Rates. Technological milestones have made access to the internet easier to populations across the globe. More than half the time, time online is used to look for a particular product or service. In these busy times, your target audience may not check your website, but they could check their email multiple times through the day. Hence, by putting yourself in their inbox you increase the chance of them viewing your products/services and therefore purchasing. People are less likely to ignore a notification of a new inbox item in their email. As such, strong email lists give relative assurance, or at least afford you higher chances that any communication sent does indeed reach the intended parties.
  2. A Show of Commitment. The second reason an email list is so valuable is that it communicates a sence of commintment and trust by persons, both individual and corporate in your contact list. There are many subscription opportunities around, and the fact that someone deliberately and consciously adds you to that list is a sign of this commitment. A quality email list consists of contact with actual interest in what you have to offer. These contact are a valuable asset as you can expect that a certain proportion will forward your email and hence spread your brand.
  3. Feedback Opportunity. The last reason lies in the fact that email marketing gives you a good standing when it comes to receiving feedback from your email contacts. Emails afford a certain level of privacy that emboldens people, which means that you are more likely to receive feedback on an email and any other follow-up, compared to comments on an update. Email are a one on one communication channel and subscribers feel confident to raise any concerns and seek any clarification.

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy and with a strong email list, you chances of making big leaps online are increased signigicantly. As you can see, having an email list is extremely important as it acts a direct method of communication, whereby you can establish trust and build relationships with your audience.





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